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Telling stories about the value of living…

Athleisure, Loungerée, Swimtimates, Skinwear and Livingwear indicate the beginning of a new era with fundamental adaptations on every level of the industry. These changes are directly related to the contemporary wardrobe, changing lifestyles and influencers. The growing fluidity and the disappearance of boundaries between garment sectors and gender specifics demand different merchandising, distribution, design attitudes and communication.
The BIG MACRO trend of the moment is VALUE! But not just in a monetary context, we need re-valuation of every aspect of fashion. For every individual personal value of taste, style, comfort, time and pleasure are paramount. And then there is also the narrative value of the fashion experience.
Trends as an instrument of change to force consumption may be OUT. Living, creating, cultivating and discovering one’s own value are IN. Be prepared for more diversification, smaller production volumes and unexpected crossover encounters with a wider BODYFASHION world.
For summer 2018 this is the major focus in Design Concepts our bi-annual Design bible, launched on the Lyon Fair.

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