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Hybridization is the new Buzz

LOVE for the millennials and for the next generations means EXPERIMENTING, bury the hearsay’s and the stereotypes… be open for hybrid assortments like shapeletique, athleisure, loungerie or swimtimates.

Hybridization means NEW and unknown, more classifications, more seasons, new distribution, new shop assortments, more stories to tell. Like the current new developments in lace and embroideries that introduce garments with extended enduses. New stretch guipure from Kewalram captures the super trendy handmade feel, no it is not flat, but it’s a lacy, comfortable new look for ‘lingerie-to-wear’. New sustainable cellulosic and recycled yarns are another development to follow. Super important are the advanced digitalized jacquard technologies that focus on placements and engineered compression.


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