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New Normal Means Spirit Lifting Diversity

The pre-crisis consumer protest against mass produced uniformity culminating in #BODYPOSITIVE and #INCLUSIVITY is now joined by new criteria, loosely called the NEW NORMAL and SUSTAINABLE COMFORT. Strong in China, and after a couple of weeks picked up in the rest of the Western world, is HOMELEISURE, a sort of fashionable loungewear that can be seen.

General observations from Instagram and online activities show a growing interest in lingerie. ‘Working hard, buying more’  is replaced by revaluation of homely harmony. The initial ‘letting go’ mood of braless teleworking in slouchy comfort, is quickly replaced by making-good spirit lifting activities like dressing up, gym, yoga, cooking, family games and everything related to art, from virtual museum visits to music and film. Of course, priorities of consumer expectations will evolve with the duration of the Covid-19 confinement. In this report, a reflection on HOMELEISURE in the age of diversification, with spirit lifting multiple-wear.

Summer Colours

New Favourite


Sustainable Luxury

Art to Wear


Warrior Spirit



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