Home Jos's Reflections LET’S BECOME TRENDY AGAIN


A terrible misunderstanding has established itself in the lingerie world. After various publications declared the ‘death’ of trends, on top of that the demise of the padded T-shirt bra happened. Two major earth quakes that have taken all of the dynamic out of the lingerie market. Sexy is declared not of our times  because ‘women need to re-find their self-esteem’. Trendy is replaced by fit, comfort, simplicity, all united in an un-interesting offer without much ‘buy-me’ attributes.

How are we going deal with ‘the millennials looking for experiences’ when everything looks safe and flat? What about story-telling merchandising?  And how to explain the Instagramers and Pinteresters who seek visual connections with the exciting world of the style-makers and influencers? It is a terrible loss of time and energy to let the exciting world of lingerie fade into a boring replacement market. Bring trendy back – it’s worth the risk of more SKU’s…


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