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How to give designs a soul?

Trend observatories and think tanks of financial institutions and luxury conglomerates advise to move away from fast fashion and to invest in creative solutions that are ‘emotionally connected’ to today’s pre-occupations. Over the last 15 years, we selected the most amazing fabrics for the famous Interfilière Trend Forums, only to see them being copied or re-interpreted. Of course the financial crisis, lasting 8 years, has everything to do with the drastic cost cutting of supply-chain-management. Ending in saturated markets with cheap, soulless products and a growing crowd for ‘buying less, but better’.

But what is a design with soul? Definitely a product where every detail has a purpose, a dialogue between beauty and functionality. Bestselling bras with long life-cycles, are always the result of collaboration between garment designers and fabric suppliers, such as Doreen and Amourette from Triumph, Africa from Chantelle and Avero of Marie-Jo etc. We went to St.Gallen and neighbouring Dornbirn, to experience the wealth of ideas and references needed to create lingerie with soul. We marvelled over the knowledge and the fantastic archives… and like the current designers of Dior, Chanel and Prada we could not imagine a world without all those possibilities to beautify just on our doorsteps.

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