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A New Language – Jos’s Reflections on Purpose

Reflections on PURPOSE are now starting to dominate consumerism – not only looks are a reason to buy, but complex factors play a role in consumer satisfaction such as experience, better living, more wearer comfort and sustainable elements ranging from material/production origin to garment lifecycle and multifunction.

This change in consumer motivation also starts to hit the Chinese market. Neiwai and Aimer NYC have a major impact on the current strategy of the leaders in the Chinese lingerie market. They now demand us for Millennial focussed concepts that include fit improvement, lightness, naturalness and eco aesthetics AND real branding with a message that speaks this generations language!

Innovation comes from changing consumer attitudes and lifestyle changes, social medias accelerate this process. Global brands like Nike and Lululemon, cosmetic brands like Glossier and luxury brands like Moncler all communicate the message of DESIGN WITH INDIVIDUAL PURPOSE – not just a look but BEING A BETTER ME. 

Smooth Innovation

Casual Seduction

Pink Constructions

Modern Romantics

Smocked and Ruched

Recycling and Reusing


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