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There is nothing comparable than having a meal at Potafiori in Milan; eating in a real functioning flower shop with a menu composed out of tastes and smells of the kitchen garden. But there is nothing hippy or alternative about it, this is the height of taste and sophistication, with the serving staff dressed in Liberty print aprons and the owner singing nostalgic jazz at the end of the evening. This is one of the many examples that thrive despite the lack of a formulaic marketing concept. 

March 3, 2017
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At the kick-off of a new fashion season we like to share with you an overview of the Macro trends for Intimates. Macro trends are a sort of blue print behind seasonal design and merchandising stories which are only making a chance of becoming bestsellers when they are anchored in the big developments of taste, longings, socio-economic changes and technological evolution.

Concepts Paris has a reputation for research and preview of CHANGE and for the creation of relevant and exciting seasonal updates.

Click on the free of charge PDF to download a Concepts Paris extract of ‘what not to miss’.


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Sexy spirit

By Concepts Paris


September 19, 2016
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Athleisure, Loungerée, Swimtimates, Skinwear and Livingwear indicate the beginning of a new era with fundamental adaptations on every level of the industry. These changes are directly related to the contemporary wardrobe, changing lifestyles and influencers. The growing fluidity and the disappearance of boundaries between garment sectors and gender specifics demand different merchandising, distribution, design attitudes and communication.
The BIG MACRO trend of the moment is VALUE! But not just in a monetary context, we need re-valuation of every aspect of fashion. For every individual personal value of taste, style, comfort, time and pleasure are paramount. And then there is also the narrative value of the fashion experience.
Trends as an instrument of change to force consumption may be OUT. Living, creating, cultivating and discovering one’s own value are IN. Be prepared for more diversification, smaller production volumes and unexpected crossover encounters with a wider BODYFASHION world.
For summer 2018 this is the major focus in Design Concepts our bi-annual Design bible, launched on the Lyon Fair.

June 30, 2016
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That is an observation from a top-end fabric manufacturer, who sees a strong crossover between RTW and lingerie colour cards. Concepts Paris also strongly pushes conceptual styling ideas – like the recent dandy collection of our cherished Dries van Noten.  In lingerie, ideally this look is executed in high end materials. Featured design is in printed Liebeart silky microfibre tricot with high modulus mesh and Leavers Lace trim. Wire less bra and high waist panty is a must under the new trouser shapes.

April 26, 2016
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